Electric Spirituality

By connecting spiritually, one has a connection to the Divine; an outward expression of what’s inside. The DivAine is “It”. It is what’s spiritual and there are only a few of us on this planet that have the ability to connect spiritually with this Spirit; this Being that we are in a sense calling “Spirit.”

So how do we connect spiritually? And does it happen by the same way that we connect physically?

When I was first diagnosed with this disease, I couldn’t even imagine connecting emotionally. I could communicate physically but was simply unable to connect spiritually. That’s because I hadn’t been able to connect spiritually with the spirit of my ancestors.

But in order to connect spiritually to the ancestral spirits, I had to pay close attention to my actions and not the other way around. I didn’t want to be a slave to them. My grandfather was one of the greatest captains in the history of mankind.

So, I knew that I had to make sure that I did whatever I could to honor my ancestors. But instead of going off to make my neighbors happy and loving them, I sat down and wrote down every word that I said to them. I am certain that most of them were greatly upset.

That’s the kind of spirituality that I had. It was like a bad marriage. I was married to the spirit of my ancestors; but at the same time I was not one of them. I loved and respected them as much as I ever would a spouse, but I could never accept their way of life.

So when I began to let go of those things that were holding me back and began to become a slave to the Spirit, I realized that I had lost my ability to connect spiritually. This is just like how you let go of the emotions that are holding you back and begin to become the person that you’re meant to be. You begin to experience joy and peace all over again.

Of course, the Spirit, which is “It”, is not easy to connect spiritually with. It’s like trying to have a relationship with someone who’s cold, distant.

But we can’t be cold, distant in our relationships because we’re bound by the bloodline that we carry. We were made in the image of our ancestors and if we cannot connect spiritually with that spirit, we’ll never be able to have real relationships with those who are our closest friends. They are connected spiritually with Spirit.

The reason that it is so important to make sure that you honor your ancestors is because the family tree that you’re carrying is a spiritual experience. Your ancestors were once brothers and sisters, having families on both sides of the family. Now there are no more brothers and sisters, so the family tree must be totally re-built.

What you do with that knowledge is completely up to you; but if you don’t have the ability to connect spiritually with the Spirit, you’ll be a slave to yourself. When it comes to healing, connecting spiritually with Spirit is just like healing any physical ailments.

If you have always had trouble connecting spiritually with others, and you’ve noticed that this is becoming more difficult by the day, it’s possible to make changes in your life so that you can connect with others on a deeper level. Here are a few suggestions on how to do this.

First, you need to talk with your loved ones. Often times, your first instinct is to push them away, and to try to shut them out, but you have to let them know that you’re looking for help. You might be surprised how much they can say about their own struggles, even if they don’t want to.

Second, find a therapist or counselor. They are the closest friends you will ever have, and they can help you see that there is hope.

Third, find a guide or mentor who can help you look at your life and your behaviors and see what the spiritual connection might be. You may be able to re-align your life by making a few small changes to the way you live and to the things you say and do.

Finally, as you reconnect with your inner power, you need to understand how to live each day in this world. This means making time for those things you love, because you need to keep working on your inner strength.

As you connect spiritually, your feelings of love and belonging will grow. When you find this inner strength, you can then let others know that you are available to them as well. They will feel safe to let you know that they want to be in your life.

The thing is, these relationships are not always easy. Sometimes you need to let them go. But it’s important to remember that the more you allow others to let go of their baggage, the more powerful they will become.

People who make a conscious effort to strengthen their relationships with others will be the most popular in the end. Those who find themselves trapped in the ways of the past are going to be the most disliked by the people around them. The people you care about the most need to hear you express your feelings.

People can love you, but it takes work. When you reconnect spiritually, you will find that your ability to connect with others grows exponentially. When you find yourself arguing about a fact about the world and who’s right, don’t assume you’ve lost the war.

When you are communicating with someone you love, don’t assume that you have a monopoly on the truth. This is the only way to be successful. Take the chance to talk about your feelings, even if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, and you will find that you will change your attitude and relationship with everyone.

It’s time for you to take action. It’s time to start connecting with others. It’s up to you to decide if this is the path you want to walk on.

To connect spiritually with others, you need to understand what Spiritual Communication is. When we talk about connecting spiritually, it means that we are in communication with another person that has an ongoing relationship with Spirit and with the Divine.

Communication is a two way street. The Spirit of a person that we connect with, has the ability to influence us to do things in ways that we would not ordinarily do. These same Spirit will always be there, even when we are not actively present, because the Spirit of someone is always going to be in the vicinity of our Spirit.

A person who has lost their connection with Spirit will often have difficulty connecting with others at all. A person that is lacking in Spirit will feel a lack of connection to themselves, even when they are within the same room or environment. They will experience very little connection with others. To understand how to connect spiritually, you must be able to see yourself as having a relationship with the Spirit of another person.

Spiritual communication is a two way process. You must begin to connect with your inner self with the Spirit of another person. You can only be a part of the Divine, if you have an inner connection to Spirit.

Spiritual communication is about being connected. The more you are open to receive the messages from Spirit, the more connected you will become.

The first step to communicating with the Spirit is to go through a period of silence. This means no conversation, only having a quiet place to sit or lay down and block out the world. When you are in a quiet place, turn off your cell phone and television and quiet your mind.

After you have been completely alone, focus on the inner feelings and thoughts that come to you. Allow your thoughts to come in without judgments and outside influence. Then, as your inner feelings and thoughts start to unfold, you may want to share them with your Spirit Guides.

Communicating with Spirit is the best communication you can ever have. If you start to talk to another person, even if it is in the midst of their work, you are now communicating with them. Spirit will be in the room and help guide you in any way that it can.

You may find that you have to communicate with Spirit in a much quieter way to begin with. You can do this by creating certain places where you can stay in silence. These can be inside a small room, a quiet park, your home, or just simply taking a break in the middle of a conversation.

You may even need to stay in this space for several days, only talking to Spirit when you are ready to. There are times when you may need to communicate with Spirit frequently, but there are times that you can speak to them once in a while.

It is very important that you are receiving the help of the Spirit in order to connect spiritually with others. Spirit gives you the tools to connect with others at all times, but you need to take the time to learn how to recognize when you are ready to connect. When you connect with Spirit regularly, you will find that it becomes a very natural part of your life.

Connecting Spiritually to the world of the internet can be a challenge. In fact it can be one of the most challenging challenges you face on your journey of becoming online. There are many challenges that come with what I call the challenging world of the internet. These challenges can make it difficult to connect spiritually useful information.

It is true that there are many different ways to access the internet, but there are also many different ways to access the internet. Many times the internet can seem a hostile environment that will not support the kind of spirituality that you wish to have. This article looks at a few of the most common ways that people disconnect themselves from the world of the internet.

Too much of the social media sites – As I mentioned before there are many different ways to access the internet, but there are also many different ways to access the internet that do not embrace the world of the internet. Many of these social media sites are geared toward stimulating people to not use the internet to connect spiritually. By “social media” I mean all the websites, blogs, social networks, forums, email lists and many other ways that you will find in a typical social media site.

The problem with most of these social media sites is that they do not offer a spiritual connection. They promote the kind of entertainment and escapism that you would find in your own virtual world. By connecting spiritually to the internet you are often missing out on the real world that we are living in, which is filled with people who are not filling your needs and providing you the wisdom you need.

No one is “me” – You can’t even begin to “connect spiritually” until you let go of your “me first”. I’m talking about the type of me that starts to tell you that you have to change your way of being in order to reach the world of the internet. I’m talking about the me that tells you that your way of being is “the only way” to have “spiritual growth”.

I’ve heard it said that the very words “spiritual growth” conjure up images of writers going on a retreat, or someone suffering from a terminal illness, but I don’t think that these types of descriptions even get close to describing the world that we live in. The truth is that many of the most famous authors and explorers in history have been part of a spiritual path. They have asked questions and then went forward to ask more questions.

Many great writers and philosophers from the past have had access to the internet. They have done this in order to connect spiritually and through that connectivity have advanced spiritually.

The great thinkers and poets that I admire, also included one other thing, they connected spiritually to the world of the internet. They didn’t just use the internet to connect spiritually to the world of the internet. Instead they used the internet to connect spiritually to the world of ideas and human evolution.

Those spiritual connections are not hard to find. I know that because I started my journey by doing exactly that. So, when you are ready to find the spiritual connection, you will find it by using the internet and connecting spiritually to the internet.

How can you connect spiritually to the internet? Well, the first thing you need to do is get familiar with your own imagination. Next you need to make sure that you understand how to be in the moment and connect spiritually with the present moment.

By using the tools that you’ve learned so far you can connect spiritually to the internet. So, in the future, please consider joining our community to learn more about the art of connecting spiritually to the internet.