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Commercial translations

Commercial translations

From the earliest times, ancient civilizations made commercial transactions of different goods. These commercial transactions allow traders to create new ways of cultural interactions between different nations. One of these cultural interactions was commercial translations that mean the transmission of business between two languages.

Nowadays, commercial translation (also known as business or financial translation) plays an essential role the international business marketplace so it covers the translation of different types of official documents and legal documents in the business world such as contracts or agreements, corporate reports, economics and international marketing campaigns in different areas, such as:
  • Travel and tourism
  • Finance and banking
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Sales
  • Retail
  • Customer Service: like a customer-service translator your translations should provide product/services information and resolve any emerging problems that our clients might face with accuracy and efficiency. Your customer service resume should have strong work histories that support your resume objectives.
Translations preserve the meaning of the original text, and it cannot be substituted for speed that is why getting an accurate translation of documents requires comprehensive knowledge of commercial terminology so expert translators and editors have a strong background in an applicable field of business or money management; otherwise, an incorrect commercial translation can be bad for business.

Keep in mind, commercial translation rates can vary according on the material to be translated or the overall scope of the project. The following are essential elements to quote a commercial translation project:
  • Language combinations between source and target languages.
  • Know subject matter about legal, marketing, business, etc.
  • Know subject matter complexity.

Commercial translation studies

Nowadays, commercial translations are increasing rapidly so almost every transnational company and organization use translation services and in some cases companies have translators on their staff.

That is why; translation students must acquire knowledge based on what the market is demanding from translators, this way they can supply clients in a variety of international business challenges so their message can be conveyed successfully in the language of their target audience.

Marketing translation

Commercial translation companies provide professional support for business planning a marketing campaign, a presentation or a new brochure, or for those planning to expand overseas due to in competitive world, it is imperative to present product information and advertising material in the native language of potential customers in different countries.

Marketing translation requires abilities and experiences in both cultures and languages plus creative communication is fundamental to communicate the right message to the target audience, in order to be understood and received the way companies intend it to be.

International marketing publications

Specialists on international marketing publications must have cultural knowledge of their homelands which has enabled numerous businesses to make a successful transition between local trade and truly global integration. So, with high-quality translations of internal and external material, they can communicate with audiences from all parts of the world.

Financial Statements

Financial statements include conversion from one set of national accounting principles to another, for that reason it is important to cultivate in-depth knowledge of accounting practices in each country with core strengths lie in the areas of: Income statements, Balance sheets and annual report.