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Machine translation

Machine translation

Machine translation is the use of computers to translate texts from one source language into another.

Machine translation tools have been developed since the mid 20th century in an attempt to make technology capable of translate texts from one human language to another or which is the same, make electronic syntactic analysis of a text. However, this operation is complex, and it's not 100% successful.

Machine Translation plans to substitute the human translator. The algorithm analyzes the morphology (how words are built from smaller units of meaning), syntax (grammar), semantics (meaning), and understanding of concepts such as ambiguity.

Machine Translation works with a dictionary to create a translated segment without human intervention but this task is usually not good enough, result texts need to be reviewed by a human translator.

The principal reasons for using a Machine Translation are speed, cost savings, and consistency. Machine translation can significantly reduce time and save money to translate large volumes of text.

Nowadays Machine Translation is also used in conversations, on the telephone, and on the Internet.